Sunday, May 31, 2020

Come As You Are Party: Me in 3D with Four Poems

It's all a bit too much, I think. Too much going on, not enough of it good. I don't know if I gave up a long time ago or if it just came to a point where I was so jaded that nothing really mattered. I'm honestly not sure why I bother most of the time, but still I do. I may just be too stupid to have figured out that whatever I may do or not, it makes no difference.

I read a poem that made me think about the days of youth, and this was my reply to it:

It was a simpler time when it was fun to find discarded cans and trade them for a few cents to buy a treat. Today would have been my father's 84th birthday. Sometimes I wish I could go back to one of those moments when he was still here and there were possibilities.

I read another poem with which I resonated, and this was my reply:

I resonate with this. Sadly, I think society has learned nothing from the past six months.

To a poem trying to convince me that I'm a masterpiece (which I most assuredly do not think I am) I had this to say:

I'm generally of the opinion that I'm a mistake that was cobbled together out of spare parts. Still, I don't think this gives anyone the right to treat me or anyone else unkindly just because they don't find us appealing. This is why I'm not nice or compliant and why I bite.

In reply to a poem about the manner in which the British won their conquests in territories such as Malaya and Borneo while the United States lost ours in Vietnam, I had this to say:

I believe that your weapons were much better than ours. As a U.S. citizen, I also feel it is my duty to apologize for the spray-tanned horse's ass that is our so-called leader and I am grateful for those British citizens who fly the tRump baby balloon whenever he pays a visit to your country.

Too deflated to bother being ornery today


  1. Sometimes anxiety/fear/depression/anger are entirely rational responses to the world.
    And yes, I do understand the cobbled together with left over bits and pieces thing too. No masterpiece here either.

    1. I think that anyone who isn't scared or depressed to some degree must not have any idea what's going on. Things are seriously fucked and only getting more so. If my fellow citizens can't get our act together and vote the orange anus out in November, I fucking give up. Frankly, he should be removed from office long before. He is an utter menace.

  2. As a true, real artist, you must produce art.

    1. I watched one of David Bowie's final videos last night. One of the things that was most striking to me was the scene where he was sitting at a desk frantically trying to write on an interminable scroll of paper and he eventually slumped over, unable to keep up with it. He still had so many ideas that he wanted to bring to life and his greatest despair was not being able to do so. A truly amazing talent was lost at the beginning of 2016, and a truly heinous vacuum was instilled in a position of great power at the end of it.


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