Sunday, June 16, 2019

Come as You Are: My Reject Poetry

Here are the three poems which I submitted for publication in an e-zine. There was to be one grand prize winner and six runners-up. 
You know those people who are always a bridesmaid and never a bride?
I'm the town leper.
I'd be perfectly happy to be a bridesmaid. Well, not in real life. I have far too much social anxiety and weddings are always fraught with drama. But a metaphorical bridesmaid. I have no need to be a bride. 
The rejection letter I got was a form letter which said something like "we enjoyed reading your work but we didn't choose it. We know it's discouraging to get a rejection form letter, but we encourage you to keep being stupid and deluding yourself that anyone will ever want to read the shit you write. Why can't you content yourself to work a normal job? You really are a steaming pile of shit. Fuck off already so we can celebrate the accomplishments of people who don't suck, you reeking gobshite."
Anyway, here you go. Whatever.

For my Father: Spring
Your love of nature
Memories of sweet springtime
Petals yesterday

For my Father: Autumn
The scents turn smoky
Today leaves crushed underfoot
Snow lies on the ground

What Apple Blossoms Know
Apple blossoms watch
I rush forward resisting
Time passes for all

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  1. I like your poems. They are evocative, dense pictures of moments and experiences.


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