Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Sally's Scribbles: GLASTONBURY CND FESTIVAL - WEP: WRITE EDIT PUBLISH The music theme continues this month April 2022 giving us  A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall  Bob Dylan  Glastonbury CND Festi...

Good work on this by Sally. My one nuclear disarmament protest involved walking to the now-closed Rocky Flats nuclear power plant outside Boulder, Colorado. The protestors held hands to surround the plant, which also manufactured nuclear weapon triggers. It was very peaceful and I don't think anything harder than cigarettes were smoked. I doubt we accomplished anything but there was no harm. 

I certainly could walk a long way in those days! Now I have trouble walking more than a quarter of a mile without my upright walker because of the problems with my lower back. 

I never went to a festival on par with Glastonbury where I had to camp out or anything. I'm the sort of person for whom "camping" means in a cabin with running water and electricity.

 I did drag my then 13-year-old son with me to a festival in Winter Park in 2003. It was far less fun than I hoped it would be. The bus transporting us from the lodge to the stage area was full of drunk idiots (of course). 

I wasn't doing well either. My well-meaning but ignorant doctor kept trying different antidepressants on me. I learned the hard way that those drugs do absolutely nothing for my depression or anxiety, but they do make me psychotic. I wasn't violent, but it was frightening for my son to see me so off kilter. 

Thankfully, those days are behind me. 

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