Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Just Jemi: WEP & Brat

Just Jemi: WEP & Brat:   Rain fell and fell and fell. Brat wondered if it had got into her skin and replaced her blood. She hoped it would keep falling. When she’d...

I always saw A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall as a metaphor for the Vietnam war and a scathing critique of the leaders who allowed it to continue. Having been born in 1965, I grew up in the shadow of both the Vietnam war and the Cold War. It colored both the way I write and the way I have experienced life.

The story describes the experience of abuse victims very well. People who have experienced abuse as children often remark that they thought every household was like that and they are surprised when they visit a household without the abusive dynamic.

I wasn't physically abused but there was a lot of yelling in my house when I was growing up. My parents were always yelling at each other. I think outsiders seeing their dynamic would have wondered why they weren't divorced. For them it was status quo. I always found it stressful. I had to learn as an adult not to be so volatile. It drives people away.

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  1. I read Jemi's piece - and applauded. While mourning for those for whom it is a reality. World wide.


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