Monday, December 28, 2020

About Me Monday: Teenage Crush


Someone on Twitter asked this, and the following was my reply.

Early on in my 12th year, it was Shaun Cassidy, and I was still a good Catholic girl going to Heaven. By the end of my 12th year, it was Bon Scott, and I was smoking cigarettes and weed and would say I was bound for hell, but I was already there. Hell was junior high.

That will learn them to ask those kinds of questions!

Junior high was a fucking hellscape. So was high school. The only things that got me through were alcohol, drugs, and music that I was told was my punch card to eternal damnation. 


  1. No teenage crush here. I loathed my teenage years and look back on them with horror.

    1. Believe me, so did I. It's the reason I remained in an altered state throughout junior high and high school and for several years beyond. Once I made the decision to stop doing drugs, I had a hard time knowing who I was without them. It has taken literal decades.


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