Friday, September 25, 2020

Fat Friday: Stress: It's a Killa


if I had to blame one factor for triggering my diabetes, it would be food insecurity. Decades of yo-yo dieting and being a member of the working class living paycheck to paycheck puts a lot of stress on one's body. 

Stress, not eating "bad food" or "eating too much" is something that I believe can trigger diabetes in people who have the genetic trigger for such. However, the solution is not to scold people to "just" relax, "just get a better job," "just eat healthier," "just exercise more," or whatever else they're "just" supposed to do. 

As many of us seem to agree, not everyone starts out with or has the same advantages in life. 

Fat and Ornery
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  1. We are all in this together - but we are emphatically not in the same boat. Nor are our boats equally equipped to handle stormy seas.

    1. Indeed. My son and I were discussing this. Because he is physically healthy and strong at this juncture, people (like my mother) seem to think he should be able to just do anything, not taking into account his struggles with depression and anxiety. As well, my mother pooh-poohs the idea that he is autistic because of the fact that he is intelligent and able to function socially. She's never listened to the fact that certain stimuli tend to overwhelm him and cause him to withdraw. Because he doesn't exhibit overt autistic behaviors, she thinks its "all in his head."

    2. I like the boat analogy.

      Some people just refuse to understand if they have no direct similar experience,

    3. Yes, the lack of empathy has always astounded me.
      I was actually taught to lack empathy for certain people, i.e. fat people and addicts.
      It took time to realize that this was an entirely shitty way to think.


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