Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Catch The Rainbow

I promised myself I wouldn't fucking do this.

I made a pact with myself not to let my heart bleed out any more. It's an inconvenience and nobody really gives a fuck.

But damn...this song.

Ronnie James Dio has been gone for 10 years.

He was a big man in a little body. He treated his fans kindly. He was very humble despite his enormous talent. They don't make 'em like Ronnie anymore.

There's a saying that music was better when ugly people were making it.

Thing is, I don't see people ugly unless they act ugly.

Music was better when people who cared more about the music than the image were making it.

There's some good music out there today. Some people still get it.

But there will never be another Ronnie James Dio.

This album was released on New Years Day 1975. 

That was a hell of a good way to start the year.

I'm not trying to get nostalgic over a time that had its problems for sure. Anyway, today's technology means that I can still do some kinds of work despite being too disabled to do most kinds of work. But when you look at everything that's going on, I don't think I'm too far off the mark when I say that 1975 was a way better year than 2020. Things were looking up in 1975. In 2020, they're spiraling down the crapper.

I always have a tight feeling in my chest (no, I'm not having a heart attack) and I feel like there's a noose around my neck. I've been having dreams about nuclear attacks again. And to be honest, I ain't sure if it's ever gonna get better.

There, I've said it. Now I'll go back to my previous dead air setting.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Whinge.


  1. Whinge all you want/need.
    And, if ever you find a way to stem the flow of blood from a bleeding heart - let me know. Please.

    1. The people who have no empathy will never know how this feels. Strangely, I don't envy them. Better to be a hypersensitive fuck than to be a monster.
      Still, it sucks feeling this way.

  2. I've been learning to stay away from the assholes in real life as much as possible. Doing it online, too. But life definitely felt better in 1975.

    1. It felt like there was something good on the horizon. These days if I'm not living in a bowl of smoke, I figure it's a good day. All I see on the horizon is the orange clown face of Cheeto Hitler. I don't think we can survive four more years of that asshole.


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