Saturday, June 20, 2020

Poem The Memory of Oblivion.

Poem The Memory of Oblivion.: Trying to use words when you don't remember what to say is a game of the mind that no longer wants to serve. She tries carefully to express her feelings or a memory of the past that has suddenly arrived, she comes to my aid wanting to communicate, to...

I worked with the elderly, including many dementia patients, for a cumulative of about 25 years. When it became personal after losing my own loved ones to dementia, I couldn't do it anymore. 
While watching her husband, the popular country musician Glen Campbell lose himself to Alzheimer's, his wife Kim said that it's better to die some other way. I agree with her.

Thank you for sharing this image and your thoughts of your grandmother.

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  1. It is a beautiful poem. My virus checker has huge problems with the site though.
    I believe dementia to be the cruelest of illnesses. The person you knew is mostly gone, and the shell requirec increasing levels of care.
    I do hope that my disease doesn't take me down that dark path and that if it does I realise in time to exit the world.

    1. Same. Having diabetes makes me vulnerable to vascular dementia. I hope that the fact that I am decently compliant with my blood pressure medication and insulin will help offset that possibility.


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