Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Inner Champion Workbook Day 4: Be True To Yourself

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In answering the questions below, I am not trying to start any fights, change anyone's mind, or tell anyone else what to think. I am also not open to debating the matter. I am allowing myself to be very vulnerable in revealing this and would ask that readers be adult and respectful.

A belief, feeling, or perspective that I hide from the world:
I believe that there is an intangible part of a person that survives the death of the body. Call it the soul if you like, or just call it the personality. 

I've seen some shit, as in I've seen ghosts. Not as many as my mother's maternal great-grandfather did, just a handful of them. I did not see these ghosts when I was drunk or high, nor were they hallucinations from being sleep-deprived like the penguin I would sometimes see wandering the hallway on the fourth floor when I was running on fumes while working the night shift. They were straight-up ghosts. 

One of them was within a yard of me when I saw him, and he'd been trying to get my attention all night. He was someone I knew, although not someone I was heavily emotionally attached to. It was a profound experience that I will never forget.

Why I keep it hidden:
When people hear this, they tell me that I'm lying, delusional, or insane. I don't really give a fuck what people think, but nor do I need the stress of arguing with their annoying asses.

How is this limiting my opportunities to find strength in my authentic self?
It doesn't really come up that much, but I don't like keeping secrets. Sometimes I feel like I'm being a coward by not being open about my thoughts.

A belief, feeling, or perspective that I want to share with others:
People need to stop using religion and social trends as excuses to belittle or berate others.

Who do I want to share this with and why?
Everybody. I'm appalled that in the twenty-first century, people's minds are as closed as ever.

How will sharing this truth help me find strength in my authentic self?
I share it, but not all the time. Arguing with people tires me out. Speaking my mind reinforces my belief in myself. I do so when I have the spoons to do so.

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