Friday, December 14, 2018

Unique and Unusual Gifts: I Heart Guts Plushies

Cuddly Uterus by I Heart Guts

This is not my uterus. My uterus resembles a Lovecraftian horror, which is why it is being removed.
This is my gift to myself for undergoing the procedure to remove said eldritch horror.
They have a lot of other viscera and offal made adorable as well, a perfect gift for your weird friends and family members who may be having to endure miserable medical procedures and need a little cheering up, or for aspiring medical students.
I have been enduring a range of unexpected emotions regarding this procedure, even though I have been putting up with issues caused by the eldritch horror for quite some time and it's time for a resolution to those issues. Anxiety about the surgery is to be expected, but I have also been experiencing feelings of remorse and anger as well as bouts of weepiness, which is not par for the course for me. So I bought myself a cuddly uterus to cheer myself. It is due to arrive on Christmas Eve.
Get your own friendly viscera and offal by clicking one of the links below!

Your Hostess Soon To Be Down One Womb,

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