Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Cheese Grates It: Hamplanets at TGI Friday's

This was a response to a post at We Hunted The Mammoth

Wherein blog author David Futrelle shared (and mocked) the words of an epic jackwagon from the Red Pill sector of Reddit, who stated:

"I watched hamplanets glitter in the dark near the TGIFridays."

There are hamplanets glittering by the TGI Friday's? Wow! Cool! I'll have to drive by the TGI Friday's and see if there are any hamplanets there. I've heard of these hamplanets, but I've never seen one. If they're glittery, that must be extra special.
I developed an eating disorder when I was 12 years old because I was so paranoid about getting fat. It wasn't because I thought that fat people were bad, it was seeing how fat people were treated. I didn't want to be treated like that. I spent 33 years trying to yo-yo diet myself into a size that my body didn't want to be. Given that my endocrine system is a dumpster fire, it's highly unlikely that I'd ever become thin unless I became critically ill, and maybe not even then. So, I learned to accept my body as it is. 
Unfortunately, our awful medical system doesn't want to allow me to just be as I am, they want to force more diets (which didn't work for 33 years, so I don't know how they're supposed to work now) or stomach amputation on me. This makes for uncomfortable and enraging doctor's appointments, not compassionate medical care. I would never go to a doctor if it weren't for this dumpster fire of an endocrine system.
That being said, I don't have a problem with my weight. For some reason, other people take it upon themselves to have a problem with my weight.
The only way I'd ever be truly ashamed of myself again is if I let one of these douchebros into my pants. And at that point, the shame wouldn't be because of my weight, it would be because I had been incredibly disrespectful of myself and should certainly know better.

~The Cheese Hath Grated It~

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