Friday, January 26, 2018

The Cheesemeister's Photoshop Phucquery: A Space Oddity Makes An Embryonic Journey

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I call this one "A Space Oddity Makes An Embryonic Journey."
You can call it "Cie Was Fucking Around In Photoshop And Really Has No Idea What The Fuck She's Doing," and that would be quite accurate.
It got to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" stage, and then I named it and added it to my Fart Gallery, which is my folder for my art practice. Because that is how I roll.
So, this is for David Bowie, because he was and is wonderful. He gave me the gift of being his wonderfully unusual and unique self, which taught me that being different is a good thing. It isn't an easy thing, but the best thing to be is yourself.
It hasn't been easy being different in a world that demands conformity.
I'd rather be in good company with good-hearted oddballs like David than in with a hard-hearted in crowd who will only break bread with those they deem acceptable in a very superficial way.


With music!


  1. tonight I got majorly destroyed for being myself. basically told, "be like everyone else or leave and don't come back." it was at someplace i felt accepted and learning i'm not is really stinging.

    I like the art. do i see a warpeed face in it?


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