Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday Confessions for February 14 2017

1. It's Valentine's Day... who is your Valentine?
Someone very dear to me who no longer functions in this world due to dementia. Fuck dementia.

2. What celebrity do you wish was your Valentine?
This is a platonic rather than romantic/sexual thing.
I would like David Bowie to be my Valentine Buddy, because he is always King Cool.
One amazing being who made this world a better place.
Fuck you, Cancer

3. What is the most romantic Valentine's Day you've ever had?
Technically, I suppose it was the time my ex husband and I went to this revolving restaurant, drank champagne and ate lobster.
My ex husband and I are friends, we're family now, so I have a hard time thinking of this as romantic. But technically, it was.

4. What is the saddest Valentine's Day you've ever had?
I don't really know. I'm just in it for the candy.

5. What Valentine's Candy do you love? Which do you hate?
I don't hate any of them, but I prefer chocolate.


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  1. Awesome Answers. Bowie was the man. Dad introduced me to Bowie at a young age. Dad was a Ziggy Stardust fan so I got the TOTAL BOWIE experience. I was fortunate to have a Dad who loved AWESOME music.

    Thanks for participating. I appreciate it.


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