Sunday, April 30, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017: Day 30: Zero Chance of Escape

Without fail
The black dog
Comes around again
There is no escape
Bipolar 2 is 4 Ever

Without fail, someone tells me
To just cheer up
To just stop feeling that way
To just thank their god
That I get to live another day

Bipolar 2
Is 4 Ever
There is zero
Chance of escape


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  1. Hey Cie ~~ It's been a while (but not so very long) since I peeked in on you. This is a nice poem about a not nice at all place to be. I hope I'll never know how bad. I liked the middle verse really a lot. My favorite there was the line, "To just thank their god", which has the innocuous little words, "their gods". Not god, not God, not MY god, but THEIRS.
    I'll go now, some tired after writing every day for the month. (I could tell you about some of my doctor visits, they are keeping me alive with 20 pills a day now and two semiannual shots. Instead I will tell of the worst doctor, none can find why my ears always ring. But this one, an older German man, told me he couldn't figure out why. So I told him, "It must be in my head." He got up, cursed at me, abruptly left by slamming the door really hard." Oh, well, only one other doctor has cussed me out--that I remember.)


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