Monday, October 12, 2020

Requiem for Annabel Lee


Image by Mystic Art Design on Pixabay

Annabel Lee, the forever girl
an eternal child is she
voice soft and low with eyes like a doe
meek and demure but not jittery

nights she roams her capacious castle
never displaying roister
with eyes like a doe, voice soft and low
it's not allowed for her to boister

silently crosses the dining room
folding arms over her breast
voice soft and low with eyes like a doe
but her soul is unable to rest

her strapless dress makes her feel chilly
shoulders and elbows exposed
with eyes like a doe, voice soft and low
a young girl being groomed like a rose

admonished to remain blind to self
a kitten sweet and pretty
voice soft and low with eyes like a doe
must take care not to seem too witty

the strings of the weeping mandolin
dirge plays for Annabel Lee
with eyes like a doe, voice soft and low
she saw no other way to be free


briefly the notes
Basically a poem about the expectations placed on girls to be little ladies with no thoughts of their own. Raised with their ideas belittled if acknowledged at all, some girls act out in self-destructive ways when adolescence arrives. Anyway, I did, and I wasn't the only one.

purposefully the prompts

Quero mas?
Of course you do. 
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  1. They 'may' exist but I doubt it. I don't know anyone for whom the constrictions of being a little lady came easily. Or naturally. Yet another corset we are forced into early. And expected to wear life long.

    1. Wear it and like it!
      And if we don't like it, we can go running for the shelter of mother's little helper.
      I knew a lot of angry women when I was growing up. My mother was one of them. However, she was also angry with me for resisting the role of Sweet, Compliant Little Miss, being groomed to be a Good Little Housewife someday.


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