Friday, October 16, 2020

Fat Friday: Fuck Dieting


This is my response to a poem about dieting by Paens Unplugged.

Let me be as real as it gets. If I hadn't discovered size acceptance and health at every size 10 years ago, I would still be a self-loathing fat person in the clutches of an eating disorder allowing other people to psychologically abuse me because of my size.

Instead, I am one angry fat bitch perpetually fighting an eating disorder (no, not binge eating) who does not allow concern trolls to bring their diet talk and psychological abuse to either my virtual or physical door.

My endocrine system is screwed six ways to Sunday. Unless I develop a life-threatening illness, I'm never going to be thin.

People are welcome to think I'm a hideous fat land whale, ham planet, or whatever other dumb epithets they want to use. I can't control people's thoughts or lack of empathy. But they are not welcome to abuse me and I will call out anyone who tries. This fat, disabled crone ain't playin'. 

Also, diets don't work long-term for more than about 5 percent of dieters. Most people regain the weight they lose and then some within five years. Eventually, one stops being able to lose weight. I know. I was able to lose weight every time I tried to hate myself thin when I was younger. Once I was over forty, forget it. 

Fuck dieting. The only diet I follow is the Fuck It Diet. Which is a real book, as it happens!


  1. Replies
    1. No one should be badgered to the point of hating themselves. Concern trolling doesn't make people permanently thin, and it certainly doesn't make them happy. It just makes them hate themselves.


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