Friday, May 27, 2022

Fat Friday: A Diet Is a Diet is a Diet


This was my response to a post by Heather Awad, MD.

This was not as awful as I expected it to be, but, nonetheless, is really nothing but dieting rebranded.

Weight gain is one of the side effects of dieting. Food insecurity causes the body to store fat. Dieting is a form of self-imposed food insecurity. Very few dieters lose significant amounts of weight long-term. The pounds that come off return with friends because diets are unsustainable. Eventually, chronic dieters cease losing weight even when engaging in severe caloric restriction. Googling "Biggest Loser Weight Regain" will bring up articles illustrating this phenomenon.

Unfortunately, these articles come with the suggestion that individuals who are unable to lose weight through food restriction should opt for weight loss surgery. However, weight loss surgery, like dieting, has a low long-term success rate and serious irreversible side effects including dumping syndrome, malnutrition from impaired ability to absorb nutrients, explosive diarrhea, and premature death.

A health at every size approach is better for all bodies. Rather than a stigma-based size normative approach, it encourages patients to care for themselves, whatever their size. 

Check out Ragen Chastain's cards for dealing with fatphobia in a medical setting.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

Fat and Ornery
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Hangry Wyrm sez:
"Hot damn, it's Fat Friday! Riots, not diets!"
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