Friday, May 20, 2022

Book Beginnings/First Line Friday: The Maestro Monologue


For Book Beginnings and First Line Friday, here is the First Beginning Line from The Maestro Monologue by Rob White.

IT’S TRICKY Grab hold, you are about to awaken to what you “already know” about yourself but aren’t yet aware that you know.

White, Rob. The Maestro Monologue: Discover Your Genius. Defeat Your Intruder. Design Your Destiny. (p. 1). The Mind Adventure Inc.. Kindle Edition. 

I am reviewing the book for the Online Book Club.

If you purchase a copy of the book through the following link, I will earn a small commission from Amazon.

I've been having a little trouble coming to terms with myself this year. If this book can help me get closer to doing that, then it will exceed my expectations. It's well written, but I often find that self-help books only get me so far. I tend to engage better when I'm able to do something active, like play a game or answer a question.

 Back in school, I always learned better through games than with methods such as flashcards. I had a very good instructor for my medical terminology class in nursing. She noticed that I was distracted when practicing with the flashcards. She said, "you aren't getting anything out of this, are you?" 

Surprised, I said, "honestly, no." 

She said, "then try some of the other activities and find one that works for you."

I excelled when doing the crossword puzzles and other word games and ended up with an A in the class.

I like to discuss learning and coping strategies for ADHD because I hope that if someone recognizes themselves in the stories I'm telling, they'll realize that they aren't stupid, they simply learn and interact with the world differently. Many people have been punished for not learning in a very specific, rigid way. 

Okay ProWritingAid, that's a terrible suggestion. ProWritingAid is telling me that I should replace "many people have been punished" with "I have punished many people." I did nothing of the kind, and I resent that accusation.

That's about it for now. I may do these blog hops again, although I tend to be a sporadic participant.

~Ornery Owl Has Spoken~

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  1. Happy Friday!
    I'm currently reading A Perilous Plan by Melanie Dickerson. I'm really enjoying it!
    "Penelope felt sick. David and Camille? How Camille must be laughing at her for being gullible and senseless."
    I hope you have an excellent weekend filled with fun reading time!

  2. Interesting opener. I used to review for the online book club.

  3. My first line comes from To Tame A Cowboy by Jody Hedlund :
    Front Range, Colorado Territory, May, 1867
    “Savannah Marshall’s heart pulled taut like a rope in a tug-of-war.”

  4. I posted the first line from Shadowed Loyalty by Roseanna M. White.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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