Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Still Too Easy To Be Hard (Triple Tanka)


Free use image by Alexas Fotos on Pixabay

people say they care
'bout evil and injustice
the truth is they lie
they only care for victims
who are precious in some way

those deemed unpretty
who don't look good on posters
the unwanted ones
are easily lambasted
by the ones who claim to care

I have never seen
those who claim to care so much
defend the homely
the fat, disfigured, homeless
only receive scorn


note the notes
(high probability of becoming sweary)

The poem was, in part, inspired by lyrics of the 1969 song "Easy to be Hard" by Three Dog Night.

I had a go at Anderson Cooper after his "obese turtle" remark.

When he said that he regretted the comment, I wrote him a letter.

Anderson Cooper reasoned that he made the "obese turtle" comment in the heat of the moment. So you may think that would be my last words on the subject, but Bitches, I ain't done yet.

Anderson Cooper says that he doesn't want to be the person who made that comment, and I'll take his word for it. But I would like to ask Anderson and anyone else who has ever said something like this in the heat of the moment:

Why is your "go-to" insult in the heat of the moment a negative crack about someone's body, and why do you think that fat is the very worst thing that you can call a person?

Is it really okay to have size shaming as your default, or do you need to check yourself and ask yourself a few pertinent questions?

Why do you think that fat people deserve constant mocking and derision?

Do you think that it's doing them one damn bit of good?

Or is it possible that you learned this prejudice a long time ago and it's time to stop being horrible?

Fat jokes aren't funny.

Fat isn't the worst thing a person can be.

With every awful thing tRump has done, you're defaulting to "he's fat?"

Weak sauce!

Check yourself.

I rarely post pictures of myself for obvious reasons.
A bad selfie (there is no other kind) that I threw some Pixlr effects at.
So, let's run down the list.

  1. Old (Middle-aged, anyway)
  2. Fat
  3. Ugly
But guess what--still doesn't deserve to be bullied and ridiculed.

I live by the rule of no body-shaming.

Not even once.

Not even tRump.

I call people out when I see them body-shaming because bullying--yes, including the bullying of people you find unattractive--ruins lives.

"BuT tHeIr HeAlTh!!111!!!" is not an excuse.

You know damn good and well it's never about their health.

By the way, I really don't want to receive comments like "you're not THAT fat. Trust me, I am THAT fat. And even if I wasn't, is it okay to be horrible to people who are THAT fat?"

I don't want any "but you could lose weight if you tried" bullshit. The answer is no, I can't. I tried to hate myself thin for 33 years and it didn't work. I'm done trying to hate myself thin. And even if I could, is it really okay to be telling people to try and manipulate their bodies in an attempt to become what you consider acceptable?

Please spare me the "you have a pretty face" comments. The secondary implication with those is "it's too bad about your disgustingly fat body."

I don't really want any comments about my looks, because my looks don't matter. I'm not fishing for compliments. I want people to hear my words.

Nobody deserves to be bullied for their appearance.

Not even the bullies.

Don't stoop to their level.

Fat bitch out.

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  1. I hope that I do care. For all. With some notable exceptions. I felt less than no sympathy when Donald caught Covid. And doubt I would grieve if he suddenly became destitute.

    1. There are a few who actually do care. But there are many who only give lip-service, and their true colors come through when they are confronted with people (or even animals) that they deem unattractive. Shelters only show photos of the most appealing animals. Campaigns for human issues only choose people that they find physically appealing. And when push comes to shove, in the heat of the moment these altruistic people vomit out the most juvenile insults, usually aimed at people's bodies.
      I've taken the piss out of tRump more than once for his vanity, referring to him as Cheeto Twitler for the garish makeup that he cakes on his face. If the orangey coloring were the result of a skin condition, I'd never ridicule him for it.
      I'm disgusted with the "obese turtle" type comments and those that ridicule his possible issues with balance and mobility. Those people can entirely fuck off.
      Nevertheless, I wouldn't piss on the man if he was on fire.


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