Thursday, March 11, 2021

Worditude: SCARRED

Worditude: SCARRED:  Wednesday Scribblings, and Magaly asks us to consider broken relationships in this week’s scribblings….a painful place to visit.  I leave i...

I resonate with this. People ask me why I don't "try to find love again." "It's been long enough." "There are good guys out there." 
I am not them and they don't know my pain. I'm better off without it.


  1. Some scars are visible. Some are not - which doesn't diminish the painful reminders they carry.

    1. I find my visible scars pretty uncomplicated, including the 10-inch scar on my abdomen. The skin around it is still numb and it doesn't like anything touching it. Therefore, rigid, inflexible, tight pants are right out. Nonetheless, a pretty straightforward scar, all told.
      The internal scars are much more complex and have given me no small amount of trouble over the years.


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